Climate change denial

This topic has come more into vogue since the US president pulled out from the Paris climate accord. There have always been deniers and any marginal groups get called conspiracy theorists, as if that is the end of the matter and that they should be dismissed.

It wasn’t long ago that many scientists were warning of a new ice age, before global warming became a thing. Anyone only half paying attention would be right to be skeptical. What happened to global warming? It got re-branded into climate change… Who can deny something that has been happening for millions of years?

Then the question becomes, are we responsible for it? If so is it a bad thing?

These questions are not as simple as at first glance. A warmer world will create extra habitable areas, permafrost might melt to reveal fertile farming soil. Extra carbon dioxide in the climate helps to feed the crops, and all green life, that will mitigate the problems of deforestation.

The potential problem of man-made climate change is complex, and the results will have positive and negative effects in different areas and for different people. We support further research into the science of man made climate change, whether this involves warming or cooling.

It’s likely that, as we understand the processes better, we might see human created climate change as a good thing…

Before you get angry and to clarify… Perhaps we can manipulate the climate in a good way, to create a better world? Or to avert a disaster?

One thing is for sure, if we do nothing, or fail to fully understand the science, then we’ll be helpless to potentially avert disaster, or create a better world. This goes against the very grain of human progress and aspiration.

If global warming and climate change is happening, and we do nothing then we might leave a terrible legacy for our children.

If it’s a hoax, or perhaps even offers a benefit and we do nothing, then we have failed science and a movement towards positive progress.

Education and attention is paramount on this critical issue!

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